Shining God’s Love: Hartfield 7th Graders Encourage Local Truck Drivers

In the season of COVID-19, the world is walking through newfound challenges that have stretched each of us beyond what many could have anticipated. A group that has helped carry the significant burden of our nation’s daily functions in this unprecedented time is our essential workers. In efforts to bring comfort to local truck drivers who have worked tirelessly in recent weeks, Hartfield 7th graders were given a letter-writing assignment. These students set out to work on their writing skills with the hopes of bringing smiles to strangers’ faces, but little did they know, they were about to shine the light of God’s love in a big way.
As we band together in the fight against the spread of this virus, people all over the world are finding ways to help their neighbors. Linda Waterloo, a Hartfield English teacher who is filling in as a long-term substitute teacher, had the idea to have her students write letters to employees at her son’s trucking company, Capitol City Trucking. “[My son] was saying that his drivers were facing many difficulties on the road during the shut downs,” said Mrs. Waterloo. “There are few restaurants open, and some places won't allow them to enter. They were very discouraged. The Lord awakened me that night with an idea of something that might be helpful. Because seventh graders weren't able to have their day to serve [at Arise Day, Hartfield’s yearly tradition of community service], writing personal notes and Bible verses came to mind.”

Our seventh grade students poured their hearts into this assignment, and the impact of their kindness reverberated through the community. Soon after the letters were sent out, a Capitol City Trucking employee reached out to WAPT News, hoping our Jackson-area residents would be as encouraged as they were by the letters. At Hartfield Academy, our mission is to have every student fulfill their God-given purpose - and even in something as simple as a letter, students were able to live the God-breathed commandment of loving their neighbors. 

“I believe this [project] fits in with Hartfield's mission perfectly!” said Mrs. Waterloo. “Our purpose on this earth is to glorify God, and by loving and serving workers in our community, we are doing just that! Some of the beautifully illustrated letters showed hard work and thoughtfulness. They weren't just trying to get through a project, they were sincerely reaching out to some people in need of uplifting during a trying time.”

We hope you are encouraged by words of James Spencer, a Capital City truck driver who had this message for our students:

“Hi, my name is James Spencer and I am a truck driver currently working for Capital City in Richland.  I just wanted to extend my gratitude for the awesome support from your 7th grade English students and their teacher. I have seen repeatedly on Facebook support for us but to have it directly come to me from such a young audience, that made my day. Please pass my appreciation on to these students and to the staff.  It certainly is an amazing feeling to have your work acknowledged and appreciated.  Thank you all for the support, have a wonderful day, and God Bless!”
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