Hartfield Family Christmas at Home: A 2020 Celebration

Hartfield Family Christmas was unlike any other this year, as we celebrated Hartfield Family Christmas at Home! What is normally a single event on campus was transformed into a week-long experience for families, much of which is still available to view on your MyHartfield Resource Board. 

As Christmas Day nears, it is our prayer that you are able to cherish this season as a family. If you missed any of the fun last week, we would love to share an excerpt from the 2020 Hartfield Family Christmas devotional. Please click "Read More" to view:
We experience light every day when we see the sunrise, turn on a lamp, light a candle or use our car headlights. Light always makes things visible. It doesn't change what is in front of us; it only changes what we can see. Light gives us an awareness of what is already there.
The Bible tells us that “God is Light” (1 John 1:5) and that Jesus’ “life is light for all humanity.” (John 1:4) Sometimes, I think about turning the light on in my house, and I imagine that the room is clean and neat. But in reality, most days, there is a mess of socks, shoes, toys, bags, and the list could go on and on. I’m then let down when what I really see is a mess. It can make me feel like I am a mess, too.
But then I am reminded that Jesus is the Light, and His Light didn’t come to show me that everything was alright, or that I was perfect. He came to show me my real state - my mess - my weaknesses - my sin. Jesus did not come to the world to tell me, “Oh, Wow! Look how perfect and altogether you are! Your house is perfect. Your work is perfect. Your life is perfect!” No, Jesus came as the Light to show us the truth. And the truth is, Jesus came to free us from perfection, sin, and our mess. When we turn on the Light of Jesus in our lives, we see our mess AND we see Jesus! We see Jesus saying, “I’m here for you on the good days and the bad days. I am with you! I’m here to give you gifts you can use to serve others that will bring you true joy! I’m here to give you hope that this world is not the end - this is not it! I am the sure hope of eternal life - life forever. I’m here to show you the truth, the way to walk, and the steps to take in this dark world.”
Jesus came as the Light in our darkness to shine bright and show us all our mess, not to condemn, but so we could know the truth and find our way through Him. This season every time you see a light, turn on a room light, or see the sun… allow yourself to be reminded that Jesus is with you to show you the way to Him - the Everlasting Light!
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