Hartfield Families Enjoy Snow Day Fun

There was one word on the lips of Central Mississippi students everywhere on Monday, January 11th: SNOW! Though we did not meet together as a school on this day, Hartfield Academy students and families were unified in their enjoyment of the day's unusual weather. This month, we are sharing all the ways our families made the most of their January 2021 snow day!
“Ace (K3) was ecstatic when we told him to go look out the window! He enjoyed building a mini snowman and our family snowball fight.” - Eric & Kendria Barnes

“We spent the morning building a snow girl complete with a purple bow. It was such a fun morning to enjoy this treat from God!” - Spencer Ganz, mom to Layla Ganz (K4)
“We had the best snow day together! We played in the snow from daylight until it melted! We made snow ice cream, snow angels, and enjoyed looking at the beauty all around!” - Ronda Ganz, mom to Steely (K5) and Tinley (5th)
“My boys (Whitt, K3, and Nathan) loved having snowball fights and building a snowman. Whitt had been asking for snow since Christmas when he was seeing snow in movies. It was hard to get them to go inside to take breaks - they would’ve stayed outside all day if I had let them! Whitt was so sad when it started melting, and he kept asking when it would snow again.” - Laura Cox
“We had a great morning enjoying the snow!  We built several snowmen – which meant learning how to “roll” a snowball and finding fun items around the house to complete our creations.  We realized that we are not prepared for snow after multiple trips in for dry socks and to put our tennis shoes in the dryer before we headed back out. But it sure was a fun change of pace!  Thankful for the time spent and memories made!” - Jamie Steadman, mom to Jackson (1st)
How did you enjoy the snow day, Hawks?
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