Hartfield Senior Retreat: Be the Change

Senior Retreat is an annual event that gives our high school seniors the opportunity to enjoy a weekend of bonding, spiritual refreshment, leadership intensives, and endless good times outside of the Hartfield school walls. The Spiritual Life Department works hard to plan this trip for the beginning of each school year and it is something they always look forward to!
This year, our seniors spent their weekend in Ocoee, Tennessee. The three-day trip was full of excitement, connection, and growth. Students were brought together through large and small group activities, games, and free time. Each senior, as well as leaders, came back to school talking about how fun the weekend was. But most importantly, students came back talking about Jesus and the bonds they grew with their classmates.
The common theme throughout the weekend was focused on students understanding where their identity is placed. Students were charged to find their identity in who God made them to be, rather than temporary things. Each day the seniors were asked questions that allowed them to reflect on the most important things and then taught what the Bible says about who is most important, our Creator. Some other topics that were discussed include faith, leadership, encouragement, and much more! With a weekend full of leaders pouring into our seniors, God was evident in His work through them. 
The word change is defined as ‘the act or instance of making or becoming different’. This word was used many times throughout the weekend. This group wants to see change in their lives, change in their class, and ultimately change at Hartfield because of the work the Lord is doing through the Class of 2024. It was a powerful few days and the best way to start their senior year!
Just like our seniors learned about their purpose in living for Christ, Hartfield has a similar vision: to see every student fulfill their God-given purpose. This can only be shown if we share where our school's identity is, in Jesus. We believe each student has a purpose and our staff wants to be used by the Lord to help them find just that.
This group of seniors has a big year ahead and we believe they will lead Hartfield well!
Hartfield Academy is fully accredited by both the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), the MidSouth Association of Independent Schools (MAIS), the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and the Southern Association of independent Schools (SAIS).