BetterMan Bible Study: Impacting our Hartfield Community

This semester, over 100 men in our Hartfield community came together and grew intentionally through a 5-week BetterMan Bible study on authentic manhood. The experience had a tremendous impact on many!
On Thursday mornings, men gathered on campus at 6:00am to participate in a 1-hour experience led by a Hartfield parent and local pastor, Kyle Reno. Each lesson consisted of a guided lesson and a small group discussion time.
Session 1: Loving god’s Woman By Parterning With Her
Session 2: Loving God’s Woman by Providing For Her
Session 3: Lowing God’s Woman By Protecting Her
Session 4: Loving God’s Woman by Pointing Her to Christ
Session 5: Loving God’s Woman by Practicing Hope & Healing

When we are at our best, parents and the school are partnering together to create the greatest impact on our kids.  This can only be done when we consistently pursue Christ in our personal lives. 

Part 3 of Betterman will focus on 'Excelling at God's Work'; we are scheduled to go 5 weeks from April 11 to May 9. Mark it down! This will also be a study you could invite your older son to join you!

Hartfield is grateful to each of you who attended and for your leadership at Hartfield!
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