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  • Photo of Janet Allen

    Mrs. Janet Allen 

    Preschool Assistant
  • Photo of Kimberly Allen

    Mrs. Kimberly Allen 

    3rd Grade Teacher
    University of Southern Mississippi - Bachelor's Degree in Education
    William Carey College - Master's Degree in Education
  • Photo of Courtney Anders

    Mrs. Courtney Anders 

    Director of REACH
  • Photo of John Bakelaar

    Mr. John Bakelaar 

    William Paterson - BA
    Mississippi College - M.Ed Educational Leadership
  • Photo of Heather Baker

    Mrs. Heather Baker 

    K4 Teacher
  • Photo of Beth Barham

    Mrs. Beth Barham 

    REACH Teacher
  • Photo of Tessa Bennett

    Mrs. Tessa Bennett 

    3rd Grade Teacher
  • Photo of Jake Benton

    Mr. Jake Benton 

    Elementary P.E. Teacher/ Head Coach Boys & Girls Soccer
  • Photo of Amber Binkley

    Mrs. Amber Binkley 

    K3 Teacher
  • Photo of Rebecca Blakeney

    Mrs. Rebecca Blakeney 

    High School History Instructor
    Mississippi State University - Bachelor of Education- Social Studies
    Mississippi College
  • Photo of Jenny Blount

    Mrs. Jenny Blount 

    Director of Operations
    Mississippi College
  • Photo of Claire Bowman

    Mrs. Claire Bowman 

    2nd Grade Teacher
    Millsaps College - BS Elementary Education
    University of West Alabama - Library Media Specialist
  • Photo of Craig Bowman

    Mr. Craig Bowman 

    Elevate 6 Director
  • Photo of Chuck Box

    Mr. Chuck Box 

    Assistant Athletic Director / Baseball Coach
  • Photo of Erin Brewer

    Mrs. Erin Brewer 

    Director of Admissions
  • Photo of Craig Brown

    Mr. Craig Brown 

    Director of Finance and Facilities
  • Photo of Michelle Caldwell

    Mrs. Michelle Caldwell 

    West Campus Hawk's Nest Director
    Mississippi State - MSN nursing
  • Photo of Michelle Canard

    Mrs. Michelle Canard 

    Main Campus Lower School Librarian
    Mississippi State - Elem. Ed.
  • Photo of Michelle Carson

    Mrs. Michelle Carson 

    Cooking Instructor
    Belhaven - Exercise science and sports medicine
  • Photo of Steven Champion

    Mr. Steven Champion 

    Middle School /High School Science Instructor
    The University of Southern Mississippi - B.S - Secondary Eductation
  • Photo of Ashley  Clark

    Mrs. Ashley  Clark 

    Union University - Psychology
  • Photo of Hannah Clark

    Mrs. Hannah Clark 

    4th Grade Teacher
  • Photo of Ronnie Clark

    Mr. Ronnie Clark 

    Assistant Athletic Director/ Assistant Boys Basketball Coach/ Bible Instructor
  • Photo of Melissa Cole

    Mrs. Melissa Cole 

    Learning Strategies Instructor
    Missouri Southern State University - B. S. in Education
  • Photo of Joseph Craven

    Mr. Joseph Craven 

    Technology Director
  • Photo of Katy Crump

    Mrs. Katy Crump 

    K4 Teacher
  • Photo of Amy Cunningham

    Mrs. Amy Cunningham 

    K4 Teacher
    Samford University - English Education
  • Photo of Lisa Cupples

    Mrs. Lisa Cupples 

    Assistant to Finance & Facilities Director
  • Photo of Trudy Dawkins

    Mrs. Trudy Dawkins 

    Assistant to Athletic Director
  • Photo of Tori Dawley

    Mrs. Tori Dawley 

    SOAR Teacher
  • Photo of Karen Dean

    Mrs. Karen Dean 

    Director of Student Services for Middle & High School
  • Photo of Jennifer DelaCruz

    Mrs. Jennifer DelaCruz 

  • Photo of Jim DeLaughter

    Mr. Jim DeLaughter 

    High School Principal / Interim Athletic Director
    University of Mississippi - Bachelor's Business Administration
    Delta State University - Master's Independent School Administration
  • Photo of Kaye Donald

    Mrs. Kaye Donald 

    2nd Grade Teacher
    Mississippi State University - BS
    Delta State University - MS
  • Photo of Chloe Dunn

    Mrs. Chloe Dunn 

    Kindergarten Teacher
    Mississippi College - Bachelors in elementary education
  • Photo of Deanna Elliott

    Mrs. Deanna Elliott 

    Main Campus Elementary Assistant Principal
    Mississippi College - Masters
    Mississippi College
  • Photo of Emily Feathers

    Mrs. Emily Feathers 

    Elementary Art Instructor
  • Photo of Tiffany Fennell

    Mrs. Tiffany Fennell 

    Exercise Science - BS from Mississippi State
    Mississippi State - MS in Public Health
  • Photo of Emily Flint

    Mrs. Emily Flint 

    Math Instructor
  • Photo of June Goff

    Mrs. June Goff 

    School Community Minister
  • Photo of Tara Hall

    Mrs. Tara Hall 

    High School English Instruction, English Department Head, Upper School Curriculum
    Hinds Community College - Assoc of Arts
    Belhaven University - BS of English
    Mississippi State University, MS of English Education
    Arkansas State Univeristy, EdS of Curriculum Instruction
  • Photo of Susie Harris

    Mrs. Susie Harris 

    East Campus Art Instructor
    University of Mississippi - Elementary Education
  • Photo of Blakeney Hatcliff

    Ms. Blakeney Hatcliff 

    Bible Instructor, Drama Instructor
    Belhaven University - Bachelor of Arts in Music
    Mississippi College - Master of Music in Education
  • Photo of Ann Hester

    Mrs. Ann Hester 

    Elementary Science Instructor
  • Photo of Mandy Horton

    Mrs. Mandy Horton 

    Kindergarten Teacher
  • Photo of Amy Hunt

    Mrs. Amy Hunt 

    6th Grade Instructor
  • Photo of Jenna Hunter

    Mrs. Jenna Hunter 

    5th Grade Teacher
    University of Alabama
  • Photo of Benton Ingram

    Mr. Benton Ingram 

    Director of Student Life/ Head Girls Basketball Coach
    Wesley College - Pastoral Studies
  • Photo of Nycole Ingram

    Mrs. Nycole Ingram 

    Middle School & High School Art Instructor
  • Photo of Amber Inman

    Mrs. Amber Inman 

    K3 Teacher
    Mississippi State University - Human Development and Family Studies: Child Development
  • Photo of Ben Jeanfreau

    Mr. Ben Jeanfreau 

    High School Science Instructor
    Mississippi College - BS in Biology and Chemistry
    Mississippi College - MS in Chemistry
  • Photo of Janice Jeanfreau

    Mrs. Janice Jeanfreau 

    East Campus Receptionist
    Mississippi College
  • Photo of Jill Johnson

    Mrs. Jill Johnson 

    3rd Grade Teacher
    Southern Arkansas University - Bachelors of Applied Science- Nontraditional Teacher License
  • Photo of Andrea Jolly

    Mrs. Andrea Jolly 

    Elementary Music Instructor
  • Photo of Lori Jones

    Mrs. Lori Jones 

    Middle School English Instructor
    The University of Mississippi - Bachelor of Arts
  • Photo of Lynn King

    Ms. Lynn King 

    Kindergarten Teacher
  • Photo of Amber Kinnaird

    Mrs. Amber Kinnaird 

    Main Campus Elemtnary Receptionist
  • Photo of Allen  Kirk

    Mr. Allen  Kirk 

    Biology & Physics Teacher
    Mississippi College - BS- Biology
    Delta State University - MEA- Masters in Educational Administration
  • Photo of Phyllis Krebs

    Mrs. Phyllis Krebs 

    High School Math Instructor / Math Department Head
    University of Southern Mississippi - Bachelor math/secondary education
  • Photo of Leslie Lee

    Mrs. Leslie Lee 

    High School History Teacher
    University of Mississippi - BA
    University of Mississippi Law School - JD
  • Photo of Kim Lewis

    Mrs. Kim Lewis 

    4th Grade Teacher
  • Photo of Lisa Lucas

    Lisa Lucas 

    Lower School Head
  • Photo of Steven Makamson

    Mr. Steven Makamson 

    High School Bible Instructor / Basketball Coach
    Mississippi College
  • Photo of Sherrie Matthews

    Mrs. Sherrie Matthews 

    Assistant to Elementary Principal
  • Photo of Jeff McFerran

    Mr. Jeff McFerran 

    Head Football Coach / PE Teacher
    University of Memphis
  • Photo of Kathy McFerran

    Mrs. Kathy McFerran 

    1st Grade Teacher
  • Photo of Nicole McGarrity

    Mrs. Nicole McGarrity 

    High School Science Teacher
    University of Mississippi
  • Photo of Melissa McNeil

    Dr. Melissa McNeil 

    High School English Teaher
    Ph.D. Educational Leadership & Administration, Mississippi State University
    Ed.S. Educational Leadership & Administration, Mississippi State University
  • Photo of Jamie Megginson

    Mrs. Jamie Megginson 

    East Campus Library Instructor
    Mississippi State University - Education
  • Photo of Monica Morris

    Mrs. Monica Morris 

    Assistant to Operations / Cheer Coach
  • Photo of Kristina Newman

    Mrs. Kristina Newman 

    1st Grade Teacher
  • Photo of Erin Pitts

    Ms Erin Pitts 

    5th Grade Teacher
  • Photo of Jennifer Ray

    Mrs. Jennifer Ray 

    Assistant to Elementary Principal
    University of Southern Mississippi
  • Photo of Janie Rayborn

    Mrs. Janie Rayborn 

    K4 Teacher
    MS State - Elementary Ed
  • Photo of Susan Reid

    Mrs. Susan Reid 

    4th Grade Teacher
    University of Southern Mississippi - BS
    National Board for Professional Teaching Standards - National Board Certified
  • Photo of Betty Rhodes

    Mrs. Betty Betty Rhodes 

    2nd Grade Teacher
  • Photo of Moises Rodriguez

    Mr. Moises Rodriguez 

    Learning Specialist
  • Photo of Liza Sammons

    Ms. Liza Sammons 

    REACH Instructor
    Baylor University - Bachelor of Science in Education
  • Photo of Shane Schurb

    Mr. Shane Schurb 

    Assistant Football Coach
  • Photo of Stephanie Seabrook

    Stephanie Stephanie Seabrook 

    REACH Accommodations Teacher
    Mississippi College - BA English/Communications
    Mississippi College - MA English
  • Photo of Kim Simpson

    Dr. Kim Simpson 

    High School Science Instructor
  • Photo of Allison Singleton

    Mrs. Allison Singleton 

    Algebra Instructor
  • Photo of Addison Smith

    Ms. Addison Smith 

    4th Grade Teacher
    The University of Mississippi - Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education
    The University of Mississippi - M.ED. in Curriculum and Instruction
  • Photo of Justin Smith

    Mr. Justin Smith 

    High School History Instructor / Assistant Baseball Coach
    Nicholls State University - Bachelors of Arts
  • Photo of Kim Stroh

    Mrs. Kim Stroh 

    Assistant to Spiritual Life/ Bible Teacher
    Howard Payne University - Bachelors of Science
  • Photo of Ann-Layton Toler

    Mrs. Ann-Layton Toler 

    K3 Teacher
  • Photo of Pack Toler

    Mr. Pack Toler 

    Middle School Science Instuctor / Football Coach
  • Photo of Angela Trigg

    Mrs. Angela Trigg 

    HS Science & Math / Science Dept. Head
  • Photo of Christy VanHorn

    Mrs. Christy VanHorn 

    High School Spanish Teacher/Language Department Head/ Student Council Sponsor
    Mississippi College - Bachelor of Arts
  • Photo of Pam Varner

    Mrs. Pam Varner 

    East Campus PE Instructor
    USM - Deaf Education
  • Mrs. Melanie Walters 

    French Instructor
    Belmont college - Bachelor of Arts
  • Photo of Susan Warden

    Mrs. Susan Warden 

    East Campus Lower School Assistant Principal
  • Photo of Courtney Weir

    Mrs. Courtney Weir 

    4th Grade Teacher
  • Photo of Maime Welch

    Mrs. Maime Welch 

    2nd Grade Teacher
  • Photo of Elizabeth Wilkins

    Mrs. Elizabeth Wilkins 

    High School Counselor
    Mississippi College - Master of Education
    Mississippi State University - Bachelor of Science
  • Photo of Didi Williams

    Mrs. Didi Williams 

    6th Grade Instructor
    Mississippi State University - B.S. Elementary Education
  • Photo of Mallory Williams

    Mrs. Mallory Williams 

    Dyslexia Therapist
    Delta State University
    Delta State University
  • Photo of Wesleigh  Wright

    Mrs. Wesleigh  Wright 

    Assistant to Head of School/ Communications Coordinator
    Mississippi College - Bachelor of Science
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