We are called to be Undeniably Different.
How do we respond when we recognize and accept a unique calling? As a school, we need to position ourselves to successfully fulfill our mission today and for future generations. Thanks to the work of our school’s leadership the next steps are in place to begin the process of expanding our campus to serve our students and families for years to come.

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  • When will it start and when is the expected date for completion?

    Construction will begin May 2023 and we expect all aspects to be completed before doors open for the first day of school in August 2024. We are excited to share that our new parking lot, as well as the paved version of our current gravel drive, will be completed by the start of this upcoming school year in August of 2023.  
  • How will on-going construction affect our activities at school next year?

    Although flexibility will certainly be appreciated by everyone next year, we are planning for all of our normal activities and events to continue as planned. If rerouting is necessary for carpool lines it will be communicated clearly and with time to prepare. We are thankful to be working with architects and construction partners that understand the unique needs of a school.  
  • What are Hartfield's desired capacity and enrollment goals?

    Intentional and planned growth has always been the goal of our leadership team and Board of Trustees. Our desired capacity is to have 90 students per grade in the Lower School and 100 in the Upper School when all new classrooms are complete.

    As we have managed growth over the years it has always been a standard to keep the teacher to student ratio low and that will remain going forward. Above all, we are called to fulfill the mission of our school and we feel we are able to do that and serve students and their families best with a controlled growth plan.
  • Why was a Junior High building chosen to be the focus of this project?

    Our middle school area has the most students in the smallest amount of space.  All our students are maturing and learning on a daily basis, but our 7th-9th graders experience that growth in significant ways emotionally, physically, spiritually, and intellectually.  It is critical that they have a space they can identify as theirs and feel secure in as they learn. This new classroom building allows us to delineate physical spaces between 5-6th grades, 7-9th grades, and 10-12th grades and allow each group to feel a sense of belonging. 
  • How does this project benefit our Lower School students?

    Our plan is to shift our 5th grade into our current Middle School hallway where the 5th and 6th graders will have their own space in a program designed specifically for them. This shift for our 5th grade makes space for our Lower School Main Campus, grades 2nd through 4th, to have more space to grow and learn in their current building. 

    From a facility standpoint our East Campus will also see some enhancements in the coming year as well. We have already replaced fencing and painted administrative spaces this spring. This summer new carpet will be installed and fresh paint will enhance the back porch area as well as the playground equipment. Additional renovations are being considered that continue to make it an excellent environment for our teachers and young students. 
  • What is the new 5th and 6th program going to be like?

    Over the past 4 years Elevate 6 has met a critical need preparing our elementary students for the transition into Upper School. We feel this dedicated program will only improve by including our 5th grade as well and establishing a dedicated place for these students. Several renovations are planned as part of this project to make the current middle school hallway a space that is perfect for our 5th and 6th grade students. 

    Be on the lookout for exciting specifics about this new division of our school in the coming months. It will include its own Director and provide opportunities for these grades to have their own weekly Awakening, lunch, and opportunities that uniquely fit between Lower School and the 7th-9th grade Junior High. 
  • What about the Lower School’s East Campus, will Hartfield ever be a one campus school?

    Hartfield currently has plans for the Lower School to remain on the East Campus for the next seven years. We intend to bring everyone to one campus at the end of seven years. The way the East Campus is set up, they can accommodate growth and we currently have an extended lease agreement in place. We are grateful for Pinelake Church and their continued partnership.
  • A stadium renovation was mentioned, what is involved in that?

    Athletic events have become a way that our families and staff build school community among each other. If you've ever attended a ballgame or event it's clear that we have outgrown our space. Currently, our home bleachers seat 500 people.  New bleachers that double that capacity will provide safe and comfortable seating for all events going forward. A new Press Box will allow for our staff and coaches to work effectively and provide for our community like streaming services and A/V needs. Additionally, a new restroom facility under the bleachers will provide necessary expansion from what is currently only 2 units for men and 4 for women, which is overwhelmed on days that we host events.
  • How will this be funded? Is there going to be a capital campaign for all the families at school?

    Hartfield’s leadership, led by the Board of Trustees, has been intentional in the planning of this project. Thanks to their faithful stewardship in planning, and with the help of strategic community partners, the school is in an excellent position to move forward.

    With sensitivity to the current economic climate, we are not asking our Hartfield families to fund this project alone. We do not want the Hartfield community to move forward feeling a financial burden or fearing that school will no longer be affordable. We are, however, asking you to join us as we pray for strategic partners to join us as we secure funding. If you or someone you know is interested in and able to give, please consider the Undeniably Different Hartfield Building Project.
  • Should we anticipate a tuition increase due to this project?

    There is not a planned or expected increase in tuition beyond the normal that is necessary to operate the school. We are proud that over the past 8 years there has either been no increase, or one that falls between 2%-5% each year. This money goes to salary increases for our staff, and provides for new programs and opportunities for our students. 
Hartfield Academy is fully accredited by both the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), the MidSouth Association of Independent Schools (MAIS), the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and the Southern Association of independent Schools (SAIS).