Hartfield Academy’s Eighth Grade Explores Historic Washington D.C.

Hartfield Academy's eighth-grade students recently concluded an eye-opening and memorable trip to the nation's capital, where they explored iconic landmarks, reflected on the sacrifices made for their country, and engaged in a meaningful service project.
The group's itinerary took them to Mount Vernon, the Jefferson Memorial, Arlington National Cemetery, the JFK Memorial, Capitol Hill, the Supreme Court, the Holocaust Museum, and the White House. Each location offered a unique perspective on American history and culture.
Landon Bradshaw, an eighth-grader at Hartfield Academy, shared his reflections on the experience. When asked about his biggest takeaway from the week, he said, "My biggest takeaway is that a lot of people sacrificed their lives for us. Seeing the Vietnam and Arlington memorial made me realize that." Landon’s observation highlights the impact of witnessing the memorials dedicated to those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

Anna Kat Berch, a senior at Hartfield Academy and one of the chaperones for the eighth-grade trip, shared her own reflections on the trip. She emphasized, "My biggest takeaway was getting to see how much God’s word was spread throughout the nation’s capital and how much we as a country need people who look to Christ for guidance."
Anna Kat also shared her favorite places from the trip, including Mount Vernon, where George Washington's house is located. She described it as "beautiful" and expressed her fascination with the history and landmarks around the property. Additionally, Berch cherished the experience of visiting the Washington Monument, appreciating the breathtaking views of the city from the top and the historical significance of those moments.
In addition to the historical exploration, students participated in a service project on Sunday, packing 15,000 food bags for the homeless with the Outreach Program. This impactful initiative allowed the students to contribute positively to the community, emphasizing the importance of service and compassion.
Hartfield Academy's eighth-grade trip to Washington D.C. not only provided students with a firsthand exploration of American history but also left them with deep reflections on sacrifice, patriotism, and the enduring impact of their nation's legacy. The memories created during this journey will undoubtedly resonate with the students for years to come.
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