Hartfield 3rd Graders Send Love to Deployed Troops

Every year each Hartfield elementary classes participate in a mission project. Our third graders decided to take this opportunity to share love with men and women across the world who are protecting our country and cannot be at home with their loved ones.
Care packages filled with essentials and heartfelt letters are prepared by third graders each year. With each box packed with love, they showed their appreciation for the sacrifices made by soldiers protecting their country. Moreover, the students wanted to ensure that every recipient felt the warmth and support of their prayers and the love of Christ.
One particular recipient of the kindness of care packages is Mr. Frank Porter, a Hartfield parent and employee who recently returned from deployment in Kuwait. Mr. Porter expressed his gratitude to the third graders for their thoughtful idea of assembling care packages. He emphasized the significance of receiving something from home while serving overseas and how it uplifted his spirits during his time away.
The project not only served as a gesture of appreciation but also as a valuable learning experience for the students, teaching them the importance of empathy, gratitude, and supporting those in need, especially those serving their country. As the care packages make their way to various corners of the world, the students eagerly await the opportunity to positively impact the lives of those who serve their country selflessly.
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