Students Pay Tribute to Martin Luther King's Legacy

“I Have a Dream..” said civil rights hero, Martin Luther King, Jr. The words of this respected pastor, teacher, and world-changer reverberate through history as they impact the hearts and minds of generations today - including those of our very own students!
Adorning East Campus halls this month were dozens of Martin Luther King Jr. portraits, courtesy of our kindergarteners! Classes talked about this key historical figure in reference to the MLK weekend, accompanied by creative classroom activities. As many of our youngest students may not be aware of Martin Luther King Jr., K5 teachers wanted to introduce a lesson inspired by his life.

“When talking with my kids about Martin Luther King Jr. I focus on how important it is to treat everyone with kindness,” said Mrs. Chloe Dunn. “It’s amazing to see the children a bit confused when they first hear the story of Dr. King and his “I Have a Dream” speech because they don’t understand why someone would treat anyone differently because of how they look. I think that Dr. King would be proud to see the progress that has impacted our kids today, and I hope that the kids remember his story of kindness for many years to come.”

Mrs. Foxworth approached her lesson with a big-picture lens. “When introducing the topic to my students, I reminded the students of our sinful nature. I told them how people used to be judged by the color of their skin,” she said. “Then, I introduced Martin Luther King Jr. and how he was involved in a movement that changed our nation.” 

“As I shared with my students about Martin Luther King Jr. and his impact on others, I focused on his outlook of an individual,” added Sarah Margaret Rowan. Inspired by 1 Peter 4:8, she adds, “Christians are called to love each other deeply above all. We all want to see our world a better place, and it starts with these babies that are in our classrooms. It starts with what we are teaching them and is lived out by showing them what love looks like through our own lives. If we can teach them the importance of the character and the heart of a person (and not just the way they look or dress), we could start to see a change in our world."
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