Summer Nest: Summer 2021!

Summer Nest was a huge success at East Campus! Our Summer Nesters were reunited with their friends and favorite Summer Nest teachers to have a jam-packed month of fun activities. 
Every week our Summer Nesters had a fun theme for the week that helped them learn more about Jesus. The first three weeks of themes have included "Life Without Jesus is like a Doughnut" referencing John 1:3, "God Made You Special" referencing Genesis 1:26-27 and "We Love because He First Loved Us" - just to name a few! Each theme for the week was followed by fun activities for our kids! These activities included game days, crafts, obstacle course jumps, dress-up days, a picnic lunch, and lots of fun treats - plus much more! Children jumped right into an unforgettable summer, making memories and building friendships while having the best time! Hartfield kids have had a blast this summer, and there is more fun to come!

Andrea Jones, our Hawks Nest and Summer Program Director, has this to say about Summer Nest this year:

As we transition to some sort of normalcy, I am happy to say that Summers Nest was a blast. From celebrating National Flag Day with lots of flavorful food to our colorful paint and pizza party, our Summers Nest students had a blast.  Our Friday's are filled with exciting Fun Friday events consisting of jumpy houses, candy-land tours, parades, carnivals and more. Excitement continued to build, as we were eager to continue to make this summer a FUN one. It is such a breath of fresh air to be able to provide parents and their children with a fun and safe environment filled with memorable and exciting summertime activities. Let's continue to stay safe and above all HAVE FUN!!!!

With all we've done and all that is still to come, we have had the best summer at Summer Nest!
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