Thank you, Hawk Club!

The Hawk Club was created to work alongside our coaches to help bolster Hartfield Athletics by meeting practical needs within the programs. At Hartfield, we offer a competitive athletic program for students in elementary through high school and we are committed to helping every team compete at the highest level, to reach their full potential, and have fun. This year, Hartfield athletics has been competing on the MIAS 6A level and no athletic team has disappointed. We are so proud of our Hawks!
We are so thankful for the Hawk Club and the extensive support they provide to Hartfield Athletics. The Hawk Club helps facilitate all sales of sports passes, chairback seats, parking passes, and sponsorships. All of those funds raised go back into the general athletic budget and not the Hawk Club funds.  Why is that important?  Our Hawk Club board is committed to serving and providing funds, but it goes to show each of you how important membership, tailgating, and Boston Butts are to our programs. With your generous support, Hawk Club members were able to fund almost $70k in projects from fall of 2020 to fall of 2021 - wow!
Thank you, Hawk Club!
To further support our Hawk Club, purchase your Boston Butt today! You can purchase your Boston butt ticket from any Hartfield athlete or online with this link.
If you would like to view the most recent Hawk Club Update, please click here.
Hartfield Academy is fully accredited by both the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), the MidSouth Association of Independent Schools (MAIS), the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and the Southern Association of independent Schools (SAIS).