Introducing the My Fair Lady Cast!

With opening night of the 2022 Spring Musical less than a week away, Hartfield Fine Arts is preparing for what is sure to be an extraordinary performance! This year's production is sure to wow audiences, and we are pleased to share the cast bios for this year's production of My Fair Lady.  Tickets are available now at!
Sarah Sunday Holmes - Eliza Doolittle
This will be Sarah Sunday’s third time performing on Hartfield’s stage. Her stage experience includes various musicals and plays at her previous schools, and Hartfield Productions “Mary Poppins” (Mary Poppins) and “Rewritten: A Name for a Rose” (Eva). Her favorite moments from rehearsal would have to be saying her favorite phrase over and over again in an awful accent: "Aooooooowwwwww" and getting to work with such an amazing cast. She would like to thank the Cast, Crew, and B'lynn and Hattie specifically, for putting in their best efforts to make this show the best it can be!

JM Holmes - Colonel Pickering
JM is no stranger to the stage! His credits include “Rewritten: A Name for Rose” (Hans), “Mary Poppins” (Bert) and “Drowsy Chaperone” (Ensemble,  Collierville High School ). His favorite memory of this production is teaching everyone "You did it" and he would like to thank “Hartfield for the opportunity, my awesome family for their support, my friends for making it fun, and Miss. Hatcliff for her leadership and ninja skills.” 

B’Lynn Evans - Mrs. Eynsford-Hill
This is B’Lynn’s Hartfield stage debut, however, she has been an invaluable part of Hartfield Theater over the years and is no stranger to the details required to produce a show, both on and behind stage.  Her credits include “The Little Mermaid Jr.” (ensemble, BTAA), “The Christmas Carol” (ensemble, BTAA), “Seussical The Musical'' (ensemble,StoneBridge School), “The Sound of Music” (ensemble, StoneBridge School), “Mary Poppins” (Stage Manager, Hartfield Academy), “Rewritten: A Name for a Rose” (Playwright, Hartfield Academy). “My favorite moments in rehearsal are when the cast members help me during stressful situations by doing silly dances to TikTok music or reassuring me that I am doing my best and have no reason to worry. Making me laugh and smile no matter how much I have on my plate. I would first like to thank the younger cast members who make me laugh, my director Hattie for mentoring me and being a role model to me in life and my future career in the arts, to my fellow seniors who have been with me for the past three years, creating memories I will never forget, and lastly my family, who support me wholeheartedly: my siblings who are always eager to come see my shows, my Nana who offers to help me go over lines and spill all the tea, my dad who gives his time and energy in building set pieces to make the scene come to life, and my mom who has pushed me my whole life to work hard and to go out of my comfort zone. I would not be where I am now without each and every one of you. Thank you.” 

Margaret Wingo - Mrs. Higgins
Margaret has been an integral part of Hartfield Theater for many years.  Her credits include Hartfield productions “The Sound of Music” (Ensemble), “In Revue” (Ensemble), “Rewritten: To thine own self be true?” (Patricia), “Peter Pan” (Ensemble), “Mary Poppins” (Mrs. Andrews, Ensemble) and  “Rewritten: A Name for Rose” (Astrid).  Her favorite memories this year include “getting to hang out with everyone, and teaching people how to waltz. I would like to thank my family for everything they have done for me and their undying support. I would like to thank Ms. Hatcliff for always being there for me. And I would also like to thank B'lynn for being an incredible stage manager, Presley for her invaluable contributions this year, stage crew for their hard work, and everyone who contributed to the making of the sets. You have all made my senior show a truly unforgettable experience.”

Banks Speed - Henry Higgins
This is Banks’ Hartfield Stage debut! You can normally find him on the football field but he has enjoyed this new experience!  He would like to thank Miss Hatcliff.  

Hayes Odom - Freddy Eynsford-Hill
This is Hayes’ Hartfield stage debut! He has enjoyed the blocking process and learning more about how a production comes together. Hayes would like to thank  “Mrs. Hatcliff and Sarah Sunday for helping me become more confident in my singing voice.”

Stuardt Saxton - Alfred P. Doolittle, Doctor Themistocles Steohanos
This is Stuardt’s Hartfield stage debut, however his acting credits include being an extra in the movie “My Dog, Skip”.  He would like to especially thank God, his family and his Fiance, Megan.  Thank you Coach for spending your time encouraging and supporting the Performing Arts! 

Will Davis - Bartender
Will is no stranger to the Hartfield Stage, during his Senior year, he played a Russian Soldier in the Hartfield production of “Fiddler on the Roof Jr.”  Will is now part of the Hartfield Facilities Department and a substitute teacher. We are thankful and excited to have him back on the Hartfield Stage! Thank you for always being a supporting and encouraging presence! 

Caleb Collins - Harry, Embassy Footmen
Caleb’s stage credits include Hartfield’s productions of  “Peter Pan” (Michael Darling) and “Mary Poppins” (Michael Banks).  Caleb enjoyed rehearsals because he got to spend more time with his friends and coaches.  He would like to thank his sister, Kaylee Collins, for her extra support and encouragement! 

Blake Stroh - Jamie, Embassy Footman
Blake’s stage credits include being an ensemble member in Hartfield’s production of “Mary Poppins”.  His favorite memories include learning the Choreography to “A Little Bit of Luck”.  Blake would like to thank his Mom, Dad, Brother and Sister for their support! 

Emily McNeamer - Mrs. Pearce
Emily’s previous roles include Mrs. Banks in Hartfield’s production of “Mary Poppins”.  “I always love when we are finally able to run the show with music, choreography, and no scripts. That's when the show really comes together and it makes me so excited to perform. I would like to thank my parents for always supporting me and encouraging me in everything I do.”

Emily Humphreys - Mrs. Hopkins, Bystander, Higgins Servant
Emily has been a part of theater at Hartfield for the past four years. She has participated in “Rewritten: Victimless Crimes” (Bonnie), “Mary Poppins” (Mrs. Brill, a statue, a ragdoll, Annie, and ensemble), and “Rewritten: A Name for Rose” (Rose). Emily would like to thank her friends and family for loving and supporting her and, of course, Ms. Hatcliff for her devotion and guidance to her students on and off the stage.

Riley Douglas - Prof. Zoltan Karpathy, Higgin’s Footman, Policeman
Riley’s s Hartfield stage credits include “Mary Poppins” (Policeman and Ensemble), “Rewritten: A Name for Rose” ( Mail Carrier), and “Peter Pan” ( Lost Boy Nibs ).  One of his favorite moments during rehearsals was learning to waltz and he would like to thank Hattie and Blynn for making all of this possible.

Jordan White - Bystander, Higgins Servant
Jordan’s Hartfield Stage credits include “Mary Poppins” (Katie Nana, chimney sweep, statue, bank clerk, ballerina toy, kite flier). “My favorite moments at rehearsal have been getting to meet new people and form new relationships with people I never thought I’d be friends with. Last year during Mary Poppins and this year I made so many amazing friends and I’m so grateful for that. I would like to thank Mrs. Hatcliff for always being there for me when I needed someone and for always pushing me harder. She has really helped me step out of my comfort zone and do things that I never thought I could do. I never thought I would be on stage in a musical but here I am dancing and singing my heart out. Thanks, Hattie I love you. <3” 

Helen Bunger - 1st Cockney, Bystander, Higgins Servant
Helen’s performance credits include “Mary Poppins Jr.” (Winifred Banks, Christ Covenant School), “Rewind the Hits” (featured ensemble, Rankin Performing Arts), “High School Musical Jr.” (Cyndra, Rankin Performing Arts), “Elf Jr.” (Greenway,Rankin Performing Arts), “Rewritten: A Name for a Rose” (flower-seller, Hartfield Academy). Her favorite memory this year is learning the "you did it " choreography.  Thank you to “my parents, my brother, Nate, who inspired me to do Hartfield theater, Hattie and my past theater teachers and my friends I have made through Hartfield theater, love y'all!!”

Caden Porter - 2nd Cockney, Lord Boxington
Caden is no stranger to the Hartfield Stage. He has participated in “The Sound of Music” (Nazi Soldier), “In Revue” (Lumiere), “Peter Pan” (Tootles the Lost Boy) and “Mary Poppins” (Roberston Ay).  He was recently part of the stage crew for the Fall production of “Rewritten: A Name for Rose”. His favorite memories this year involve laughing with his friends during rehearsals.”I want to thank my parents for driving me to rehearsal, my family and friends for all of their support, and my dog for being cute.”

Libbie Metcalf - 3rd Cockney, Higgins Servant
This is Libbie’s Hartfield Stage Debut! Libbie enjoyed learning the choreography and would like to thank her friends and family for their support. 

Zoe Smith - 4th Cockney, Hexton Woman, Higgins Servant
This is Zoe’s Hartfield Stage Debut! Her favorite part of rehearsals was learning the choreography for “You did it” by JM.  “I would like to thank my friends who encouraged me to do the musical.”

Landry Boyd - Housekeeper
This is Landry’s Hartfield stage debut! Her favorite part has been hanging out with new friends who she wouldn’t have met otherwise! “I would like to thank Mrs. Hatcliff for all the hard work and time she has put into these productions.”

Marley Dew - Lady Boxington
This is Marley’s stage debut! Her favorite memory from rehearsals is learning to waltz for the Embassy Ball and she would like to thank her family for their support and Miss Hatcliff.

Maddison Turner - Flower Girl
Maddison Turner is no stranger to the Hartfield Stage.  Her performance credits include “Peter Pan” (Pirate) and “Mary Poppins” (Neleus and Ensemble).  Her favorite memories include Coach Saxton’s dance tips while learning the waltz. She would like to thank her parents “for letting me go to such an amazing school and supporting me in everything I do.”

Morgan Hollings - Selsey Woman
This is Morgan’s Hartfield Stage debut! She has enjoyed trying something new and would like to thank her family and friends for their support and encouragement! 

Jensen Makamson - Higgins Maid
Jensen’s Hartfield stage credits include “In Review” (Mollie, Hard Knock Life). Her favorite memory during rehearsals was sitting and working on the ascot music with Mrs. Kimball.  She would like to thank her  family for being patient with her rehearsal schedule and practicing at home. 

Mary Taylor Clark - Higgins Maid
This is Mary Taylor’s Hartfield Stage Debut! Her favorite moments have been learning the choreography and spending extra time with her friends.  She would like to thank her family and friends for their support! 

Linnie Moon - Higgins Servant
Linnie’s Hartfield stage credits include “Mary Poppins” (Jane Banks). She would like to thank her mom for her support and encouragement! 

Ava Grace Ingram - Higgins Servant
Ava Grace’s credits include the Hartfield production of “Mary Poppins” (Bird Woman and Ensemble).  She would like to thank her mom and dad, Benton and Nycole, sister, Gabbie, and brothers, Eli and Ruel, for their encouragement and support!

Stella Fuller - Higgins Servant
This is Stella’s Hartfield Stage debut! She has enjoyed trying something new and would like to thank her family and friends for their support and encouragement! 

Gracie Breazeale - Higgins Servant
This is Gracie’s Hartfield stage debut! Her favorite moments during rehearsal included learning to waltz for the Embassy Ball.  She would like to thank the cast and crew for being so welcoming and supportive! 

Jadyn Davis - Angry Woman
Jaydn has been a part of the Hartfield Academy Theater program for three years. She helped backstage in 2019 with I”n Revue” and has performed on stage for “Rewritten: To Thine Ownself Be True?”  (Ghost/Ensemble), “Rewritten: A Name for a Rose”(Ensemble), and “Mary Poppins” (Ms. Lark).  “Being a part of theater has helped me grow more confident and social. It also allowed me to make a lot more friends that I doubt I would have found elsewhere.”  Jaydn would like to thank her parents for their support. 

Carrie Kimball - Queen of Transylvania
We are thrilled to have Mrs. Kimball with us for her Hartfield Stage debut, however she is no stranger to acting and singing!  Her credits include “Stuart Little” (Musical Director/Pianist/Choreographer, Delta Center State Theater), University Singers (University of Missouri); “Carnival” (Pianist, Hazelwood East High School), “Cool in the Furnace” (Chorus, Lenexa, Kansas). She has enjoyed “experiencing the brilliance of Blakeney Hatcliff as she directs and creates! Performing with the students of Hartfield! I thank the Lord Jesus for His grace and mercy and love and sovereignty. I thank my husband of almost 30 years, David "SuperDave" Kimball, for his love and support in all of my projects and responsibilities - I don't want diamond starbursts or marble halls, I just want you! Thank you, to Blakeney Hatcliff for the privilege to be a part of My Fair Lady! Thank you, to our six KimballKids and families - for your patience and putting up with a crazy Mom all of these years - I love y'all! Thank you, to my ENG III & IV students for the blessing of teaching you about the Lord's world this year (IF you read this far - come to me and tell me your favorite part of MyFairLady and you will earn 10 bonus points). ‘Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.’ I Thessalonians 5:16-18.”

Madeline Runner - Mrs. Higgins Maid
Madeline is no stranger to the stage! Her credits include “ A Charlie Brown Christmas” (Jackson Classical), “Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County” (Jackson Classical), “Rewritten- A Name for Rose” (Hartfield Academy). Her favorite memories are learning the waltz for the Embassy Ball.  ​​Madeline would like to thank her family but especially her big brother Cody for their support! 

Presley Heidorn
Presley has become a valuable part of the stage crew of Hartfield Theater, particularly during the productions of  “Mary Poppins” and “Rewritten: A Name for Rose”.  Her favorite moments have been the days full of set painting with friends and she would like to thank B’Lynn and Hattie. 

Kaylee Collins
Kaylee is a local esthetician and choreographer/ Director’s Assistant for Empower Performing Arts, however her stage debut was made as a 6th grader in Hartfield Theater’s production of “Beauty and the Beast jr.” (Chip).  She became a foundational part of Hartfield’s Fine Art Department participating in almost every aspect of the performing arts. 
Her credits include Madrigal Singers (2013-2015); “Rewritten 2016: Much Ado About Prom”, “Rewritten 2017:  Merchants of Manhattan”, and “Rewritten 2018:  Callahan”; “Beauty and the Beast Jr. “ (Chip), “ Guys and Dolls Jr. “ (Hot Box Girl, Ensemble),  “Fiddler on the Roof Jr.” (Shprintze),  “Little Women: (Beth), “The Sound of Music” (The Baroness, Choreographer), “In Revue” (Soloist), “Peter Pan” (Peter Pan) and was one of the first members of Hartfield Worship.  During her time as a Hartfield Performing Arts member, Kaylee helped set a standard of excellence and helped encourage others to participate in the arts.  
Thank you Kaylee for being an ever-present supporter of Hartfield Performing Arts!

Blakeney Hatcliff - Director 
Blakeney is the founding Director of Fine Arts of Hartfield Academy, Elective Department Chair , Hartfield Worship Director and Coordinator of The Hartfield Academy Drama Troupe.  She graduated from Belhaven University with a BA in Music Ministry in 2011 and Mississippi College with a Masters in Music Education in 2017.  With over 25 years of Theater, Choral and Solo performance experience, she has participated with prestigious groups including the Mississippi Opera Chorus and Mississippi Chorus.  In 2012, Blakeney opened her Private Vocal and Piano Studio and for many years, taught Elementary, Middle and High School students beginner and advanced vocal methods.  
She has had the privilege of directing the Hartfield 2013-2015 Madrigals, all 5 Rewritten Productions: “Much Ado About Prom”, “Merchants of Manhattan”, “Callahan”, “To Thine Own Self Be True?” and “A Name for Rose “ and all 10 previous Hartfield Musicals: “Annie Jr”., “Beauty and the Beast Jr”., “Guys and Dolls, Jr.”, “Fiddler on the Roof, Jr”., “Little Women”, “The Sound of Music”, “In Revue”, “Peter Pan” and “Mary Poppins”.  
“Thank you to my Family for not only supporting my dream of being a musician but for also supporting my students, for showing up to any and every performance for the last 30 years and for most importantly reminding me to seek after my Savior.  To my cast and crew, past and present: ‘’I’ve grown accustomed to the tune you whistle night and noon.’ You have taught me and stretched me more than you will ever know! I am so incredibly proud of each of you! You will never know what it means to me that I’ve been given a front row seat to watch you jump headlong into a challenge, encourage each other along the way, make eachother laugh and grow closer and closer to your Savior! Above all, remember that you are created in HIS image for HIS glory!”
Hartfield Academy is fully accredited by both the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), the MidSouth Association of Independent Schools (MAIS), the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and the Southern Association of independent Schools (SAIS).