Hartfield Middle Schoolers Take Part in Local Arise Days

Hartfield's vision is to see every student fulfill their God-given purpose and one of the ways we do this is by giving our students opportunities to be the hands and feet of Jesus. The bible teaches us that we are no more like Jesus than when we serve our neighbors. One of the ways Hartfield does this is through Arise days. Arise days include each grade coming alongside local ministries and partnering with them in serving the community.  This year, our 8th-grade students served We Will Go and Sunnybrook Children's Home.
These days are always so special for our students to see the ways our community can be loved and build relationships with local ministries. It is always a blessing watching our students serve! 

One of the local ministries our students were able to serve was We Will Go, a ministry in Jackson, Mississippi. We Will Go is an organization that's mission is to love their neighbors through serving the local community. Our students were able to be a small part of this mission by helping in the neighborhood garden by gathering fresh vegetables and cleaning out houses that will be renovated to house full-time employees and missionaries. "Serving at this ministry allowed me to realize that there are people in our own city we can help every day." shared Starlee Weir, an 8th grader who was a part of this project. She went on to say that having this opportunity allowed her to grow closer with her peers and learn more about local ministries. "From this experience, I learned that doing anything big or small with love is valuable." 

Sunnybrook Children's Home was the second ministry our 8th graders were able to serve. Sunnybrook provides support to foster parents and children, while also preparing older youth to succeed in life by developing independence through education, job training, self-discipline, and a strong Christian foundation. As students arrived, Sunnybrook took the time to emphasize the importance of volunteers and how our students were helping in big ways for His kingdom! Zoe Smith, an 8th grader who attended, shared that this time allowed her to grow closer with her peers and made even some hard work fun. "It was such a blessing to be able to take a day out of our lives and work together to do the work that is so important for God's kingdom. Even though we may have done small works, in God's eyes it's a big thing."

We are so blessed to have these opportunites. Thank you We Will Go and Sunnybrook for allowing us to come alongside and serve with your ministries!
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