Hartfield Spring Musical: My Fair Lady

Audiences certainly enjoyed this year's Spring Musical production of MyFair Lady! The last weekend of April held four shows directed by Drama Instructor Blakeney Hatcliff and performed by a talented bunch of students. Ms. Hatcliff and our My Fair Lady lead, Sarah Sunday Holmes, gave us a peek behind the curtain at this year's Spring Musical experience.
My Fair Lady is all about learning to be "your truest self". Blakeney Hatcliff shared her vision looking from a director's point of view. The audience watches as Eliza Doolittle struggles to love who she is and strive to become a lady she is not. Hatcliff shared with our Lower School students that as she watches, she wishes she could tell Eliza about Jesus and how we can be who we are and feel fulfilled by Him alone. She went on to say that we are all created uniquely and by design. If only Eliza could know her unique abilities by God make her the truest version of herself!

When introducing the musical decision to the Theater Department, Ms. Hatcliff shared her thoughts on the students' determination. "I was pleasantly surprised at how up for the challenge they were. I shouldn't have been though. Every obstacle the Theater department has ever faced, the students have seen it as a fun challenge to conquer and this was no different.  Their excitement and enthusiasm bolstered my confidence in knowing we had made the right decision."

The lead of this year's musical, Sarah Sunday Holmes, told us that when she initially found out she would be portraying Eliza on stage it was immediate excitement, but quickly found out this would be a role she would work hard to perfect. "Eliza has two very distinct accents and has many well-known sons.. I did not want to mess up. While it was difficult, I was very excited to push myself into this role."

Sarah Sunday was most excited to share this experience with her friends. "My favorite thing about being in the spring musical is getting the chance to do what I love, sing, dance, and hang out with amazing people I might not have met otherwise."

Friendships form out of musicals and the My Fair Lady cast did just that! "I was most encouraged to see that this department will continue to grow. We had so many new faces that are now coming back next year and that's what it's all about. It was appropriate that a department that was built in the early years on a group of kids that had never stepped on stage and many who had to be convinced to even try, 10 years later I am still encouraging kids outside of the Fine Art department to participate and try something new." shared Ms. Hatcliff. These memories are the ones we will never forget!

The entire cast and crew of My Fair Lady poured their hearts into every line, dance step, and stage blocking. When opening night came, each cast member stood ready to bring every bit of what they had prepared after weeks of preparation. See full cast list with cast bios here. We are incredibly proud of our Fine Arts department for putting on a fantastic show!
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