We're 'Double the Fun' at Hartfield!

With nineteen twins at Hartfield Academy, we have ‘double the fun’!

After talking with every twin at our school, a universal theme included that being born together means you have a best friend forever.

We asked all nineteen twins a few questions that included ‘What is your favorite thing about being a twin?’, ‘What is your favorite thing to do together?’, and ‘What are the ways people can tell you apart?’. 
Hartfield’s nineteen twins include:
Michelle & Mike Jones
Cole & Sam Stumph
Lila & Vail Wartes
Malakai & Amiya Sullivan
Emily & Jake Maggio
Owen & Blake Stroh
Kate & Jack Miller
Owen & Levi Dew
Sam & Micah Montgomery
Fallon & Piper Davis
Cammie & Payton Jasinski
Kinsley & Jake Johnson
Max & Miles Broome
Preston & Patrick Kinnaird
Beck & Luke McMillen
Colt & Levi Cryer
Asher & Jude Savage
Jane Alan & Lucy Nunnelee
Charlie & Hugh Tubb

Let’s hear some answers from our twins! 

‘What is your favorite thing about being a twin?'
  • “You can always have someone to be with, you always have a friend” said Max Broome
  • “Always having someone to play with” said Kinsley Johnson
  • “We can learn new things together” said Fallon Davis 
  • “I always have someone to listen to me” said Amiya Sullivan
  • “Having someone go through life with me” said Mike Jones
  • “Having another person just like me who shares the same experiences I do” said Cole Stumph
  • “Having spend the nights with each other all the time” said Jude Savage

‘What is your favorite thing to do with your twin?'
  • “Play outside” said Miles Broome
  • “Watching our favorite Netflix shows together” said Michelle Jones
  • “Anything is fun when we are together” said Levi Dew
  • “Play cars and build blocks” said Beck McMillen
  • “Go fishing together” said Hugh Tubb

‘What are some ways people can tell you apart?'
  • “We always wear different colored shoes” said Micah Montgomery
  • “A middle hair part” said Sam Stumph
  • “Hugh has a freckle on his nose” said Charlie Tubb

We hope some of their fun answers brought a smile to your faces like it did ours!
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