What Hartfield Seniors Learned from the Book of Numbers

Hartfield Seniors recently spent much time in the book of Numbers - specifically, in Numbers 2 when studying the validity of scripture and illustrating the arrangement of tribal camps.
"If we assemble what we can infer from the Torah account, we can imagine what the camp of Israel looked like from above: the tabernacle and the Levites in the center, surrounded by the four faces of the tribal standards, and each of the four camps of Judah, Ephraim, Reuben, and Dan, stretching out in the four cardinal directions. We can also tally the size of each tribe to total the relative length of each camp as they stretched out in each of the four directions." From this, it would appear the camp of Isreal makes a cross! That is what our students replicated in this picture.

Seniors learned that scripture reveals more than what we initially perceive and sometimes we need to look at it from a different perspective. The picture reveals that everything, even the smaller detail like the design of the camp of Isreal, points back to Jesus and the cross.
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