Sarah Sunday Holmes and Victoria Rogers: Christian Leaders of the Future

Defined as “an opportunity to highlight Christ-folowers in Mississippi who have exemplified the character and servant leadership of Jesus in their lives.”, being named a Christian Leader of the Future is certainly an honor for Miss Holmes and Miss Rogers.
We had the opportunity to ask these leaders a few questions and were so encouraged by their answers!

What does being a Christian mean to you?
Victoria: Being a Christian means having a relationship with God and being the hands and feet of Jesus to those around me. It means loving others through the Holy Spirit and following God’s will for my life.
Sarah Sunday: Being a Christian is not just a character trait, it is a total life transformation. It is having Jesus both give you life and become your life.  It means a completely different way of living than the world walks.  This walk involves putting others before myself and being empowered by God's courage to stand up for what I believe. The Bible calls us to stand out in this evil world, and that is what I strive to do.
What extracurricular activities are you involved in? Any leadership roles?

Victoria: Currently, I am involved in Hartfield Academy’s mock trial team and Interact Club. I also play piano for the Hartfield worship team. I am a member of Mu Alpha Theta and the National Honor Society. I am also involved with volunteering at the Children’s Museum, where I am a member of the President’s Leadership Circle. After school each day, I work at Hartfield’s Hawk’s Nest where I am a second-grade teacher.

Sarah Sunday: I am involved in many things here at Hartfield and in our community. I am on the Varsity Hartfield tennis team, Hartfield Worship, Hartfield Student Life Leadership Team, and National Honor Society, and act with Hartfield theater. I also hold leadership roles on the Tennis and Worship team as well.  At my church, I serve on the Pinelake Student worship team and Student Leadership Team (SLT). 
What encouraged you to apply?
Victoria: My family encouraged me to apply for Christian Leaders of the Future.

Sarah Sunday: I was encouraged to apply because I would like my life to be an example for other believers to strive to live for the gospel instead of the world.
Who, at Hartfield, has encouraged you in your walk with the Lord the most?
Victoria: Mr. Jeanfreau has been very encouraging in my faith and has been able to answer many questions I have about God. We have had many conversations that have helped increase my spiritual maturity and my knowledge about who God is.

Sarah Sunday: The person at the school who has impacted my faith the most is Mrs. Hatcliff. I am heavily involved with the arts at Hatfield and so is she. We spend a lot of time together and through that time she has encouraged and challenged me to be an example for others in the theater and worship program. She is always willing to talk or answer my questions and is a constant friend when I need one.
How has Hartfield played a role in your personal faith?
Victoria: Being at Hartfield has placed me in a position for growth. I have been able to have a faith-based education from the time I was in elementary to now. I have formed relationships with wonderful Christian people, both friends, and teachers.

Sarah Sunday: Hartfield's constant push to pour biblical truth into their students has helped spur me on in good deeds. Having trusted adults who are willing and eager to answer my questions has helped me not only grow in my faith but also grow in relationships with others as we seek biblical truths together.
What are some daily examples of ways you live for Jesus?
Victoria: I spend time in the Word each morning by reading my Bible and doing devotion. I also listen to Biblical podcasts and commentary to help me grow in the Lord. When I have free time, I enjoy playing Christian songs on the piano to worship God. In my life at school, I try to be kind to those around me and helpful to my classmates. I also get to show the love of Jesus by taking care of my second-graders that I keep after school.

Sarah Sunday: In my daily walk, I read my Bible and seek to be involved in group Bible studies too.  I believe that knowing God's Word is fundamental to my growth as a believer.  I also constantly worship. Whether that's through Awakening or just in my car, I am always singing praise to the one who made me.
What were the emotions you had when you found out you were named a Christian leader of the future?
Victoria: I was very excited and thankful to be a member of Christian Leaders of the Future.

Sarah Sunday: I was extremely excited when I found out that I was accepted for the scholarship. I was not only excited, but I was also proud that my life will be seen as a Christian example for teenagers all across the state of Mississippi.
What are your plans after graduation?
Victoria I plan to go to Mississippi College next year. I have an undecided major, but I plan to minor in Spanish in hopes that this will help me spread the gospel to people in other countries. 

Sarah Sunday: After graduation, I plan to attend Mississippi College and study Nursing.

We are incredibly proud of these students and excited to see the path the Lord will lead them on after they leave Hartfield! Congratulations, girls!
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