Introducing the Beauty and the Beast Cast!

With opening night of the 2023 Spring Musical less than a week away, Hartfield Fine Arts is preparing for what is sure to be an extraordinary performance! This year's production is sure to wow audiences, and we are pleased to share the cast bios for this year's production of Beauty and the Beast.  Tickets are available now at!
Harper Shaw, 6
Harper’s stage credits include Violet Beauregarde in Willy Wonka Jr. with Rankin Performing Arts and member of the ensemble in the Hartfield Middle School Musical Production Waiters. Her favorite moments in rehearsal have been “getting to know Emma Simpson and learning the choreography to ‘Be Our Guest’.” She would like to thank “[her] parents and Miss Hatcliff for the opportunity to participate.”

Marley Dew, 9 
Marley’s credits include work as a member of stage crew and playing Lady Boxington in the Hartfield Production of My Fair Lady. Her favorite part of rehearsals this year has been “working on [her] French accent.” Marley would like to thank “God, [her] family and friends, Ms. Hatcliff, Kaylee, Mrs. Kimball, and Megan.”

Riley Douglas, 9 
Riley’s Hartfield Theatre stage credits include My Fair Lady, Mary Poppins, Rewritten: The Lies That Bind Us, and Rewritten: A Name for Rose. His favorite memory from rehearsals was “finishing ‘Gaston’ for the first time and running the whole scene.” Riley would like to thank “[his] friends for helping [him] become more confident singing in front of people.”

Ella Burnham, 10 
Ella’s performance credits include being a part of Empower Performing Arts and Aspen Taylor in the Hartfield production of Rewritten: The Lies That Bind Us. Her favorite memory this year has been “talking  to people who [she] doesn’t get to have long conversations with normally.”  She says, “I would like to thank my mom, always and forever, my dad, and siblings. Sarah Sunday, Hattie, and Megan–the entire cast really. Everyone has been so great and encouraging!”

Clay O’Reilly, 11
Clay previously worked as stage crew for Mary Poppins and My Fair Lady. Acting credits include Stefan in Rewritten: A Name for Rose and Ben White in Rewritten: The Lies that Bind Us. His favorite moments from rehearsals include goofing off and cutting up with Parker and he would like to thank “all the friends who have made making this musical so fun, [his] family, and Hattie and Megan, for all the encouragement they have given [him].”

Thomas Clark, 12
This is Thomas’s Hartfield Theater stage debut; however, he is no stranger to the Colbert Stage, as he has been the Hartfield Worship Drummer for five years. “My favorite rehearsal moment this year is anytime John dragged me off stage.” He would like to thank “Miss Hattcliff because without her I would have never known how much fun acting is.”

Jaydn Davis, 12 
Jadyn’s Hartfield Stage Credits include In Revue; Rewritten: To Thine Ownself Be True? ( Ghost/Ensemble), A Name for Rose (Ensemble), and The Lies that Bind Us (Charlotte Everly); and Spring Musicals Mary Poppins (Mrs. Lark) and My Fair Lady (Ensemble). Her favorite memories from rehearsals will be the ones backstage with all of her fellow cast members. She would like to thank “[her] family for supporting [her] during rehearsal and throughout the year.”

Sarah Sunday Holmes, 12 
Sarah Sunday is no stranger to the Hartfield Stage.  Her credits include Mary Poppins in Mary Poppins, Eva in A Name for a Rose, Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady, and Mrs. Compton in The Lies That Bind Us.  She has loved “working with an amazing cast and crew and enjoying [her] last show with them” and would like to thank “ the cast, crew, Megan, and Hattie for all the hard work they put into this show and for making it the best show possible!”

Parker Kyle, 12
Parker’s stage credits include Orphan Train, and Hartfield Productions Rewritten: To Thine Own Self Be True, A Name For A Rose, and 2022 Spring Musical Mary Poppins (Mr. Banks). He says, “I have enjoyed being able to grow closer with my classmates before graduating.” He would like to thank “[his] friends and family that have been with me throughout [his] time at Hartfield.”

Presley Heidorn, 12
Presely was previously the Assistant Stage Manager for Hartfield Productions Mary Poppins, A Name for Rose, and My Fair Lady.  She debuted as Stage Manager this past fall for Rewritten:The Lies that Bind Us. Her favorite moment was “the first day I got to bring in the crew and finally work on getting our sets together.” She says, “I would like to thank Hattie for giving me the opportunity to be the stage manager and guiding me along the way, Megan for being so great to work with on sets and set changes, the cast for giving me an extra hand whenever I need it, and the stage crew for dedicating their time and effort to this show. I would also like to thank Blynn Evans for being the person who showed me the theater and giving me a place to express myself creatively.”

John Ramsey, 12
This is John’s Hartfield Theatre Stage debut! His favorite parts of the rehearsal process have been “Choreographing songs and ROARING.”  John would like to thank “[his] family for supporting [him] through everything [he does] and Mrs. Hatcliff for encouraging and guiding [him] through the rehearsals.”

Emma Simpson, 12 
This is Emma’s Hartfield Stage Debut! “My favorite moment [this year] is probably when Parker screamed at John, ‘Your Lordship, Your eminence, Let’s not be HASTY!!!’ I died of laughter!” She would like to thank “[her] mom and dad and family for always encouraging me to do the musical. Specifically Mrs Stroh. because she knew [she] was second guessing doing this, but made sure [she] tried out this year.” She would also like to thank all of her awesome friends whom she loves… And Miss Hatcliff, Kaylee, Megan, and Mrs. Kimball for getting this all ready for everyone. “I would like to thank my musical friends. They are swell.” 

Banks Speed, 12 
Banks debuted as Henry Higgins during the 2022 Spring Musical My Fair Lady. His favorite part of rehearsal has been working on the “fight scene with Cope and John.” He would like to take time and thank “Miss. Hatcliff for being the spark in [his] acting career. He says, “My father and mother are cool, too.” 
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