Levi Hill, Hartfield Junior, Attends MSU Humanities Camp

Last school year, Hartfield Upper School Administration nominated Levi Hill to attend Mississippi State’s Humanities Camp. According to their website, the humanities camp’s purpose is to “provide 24 nominated scholars from across the state the opportunity to explore the Humanities with other like-minded MS scholars through expert lecture and class discussion along with hands-on activities and field trips, thus providing avenues for future potential study and/or careers and fun along the way!” This June, Levi represented Hartfield and left with a fresh perspective on humanities!
Read about Levi’s experience here:

“I would just like to express my gratitude to you for selecting me to attend the Mississippi State Humanities Camp. I made new friends from all over the state and was able to experience college-level topics that I would otherwise not be able to experience in high school. The other students and I were put into groups to create a presentation on a perceived "problem" in Mississippi. We were asked to provide ways to help alleviate the issue without support from the government or legislation. The solutions were to be implemented via a community effort. Our ventures around town helped us to brainstorm ideas as well as to take inspiration from community efforts that are currently working. My group decided to address the state's inadequate education system. The solution was to implement a free, volunteer-based tutoring system to help middle school and high school students develop study or organizational skills, while also providing assistance in areas where they may be struggling. The three judges--made up of business leaders in Starkville-- liked our presentation, as we placed 2nd among all the peer groups. It really was an honor to attend, and was very insightful to show how the humanities can help shape the world for the better.”
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