New Hawks, Meet Your Counselors!

Our Upper School Counselors hosted a meet and greet breakfast for all new students and teachers during break. Students were given the opportunity to stop by and get to know other new students while enjoying a treat!
This gathering was created to establish a relationship between students and counselors. Our counselors’ desire is to help prepare students for academic, career, and social challenges by relating their school success with their potential success in the future. They want what is best for you!

Here a just a few reasons why having a relationship with your Hartfield counselor is important:

  • Help with solving conflicts -Sometimes we have a hard time managing conflicts on our own. Your counselor is there to help!
  • Help with planning your future - The thought of college or the future can sometimes be overwhelming. Your counselor can guide you on the right path in order to help you make steps toward your goals.
  • Find out how to search for scholarships - There are so many scholarship opportunities available. Your counselor can help you find the ones that you qualify for and will be most beneficial to you.
  • You just want to talk to someone who will listen - So many things happen throughout the day, some good and some bad. Your counselor is available to listen.
  • You need someone to pray for you - Sometimes we have hard days and we don't feel like talking. Your counselor is always willing to pray for you wherever and whenever without question. They are there for you!

Our vision is to see every student fulfill their God-given purpose and our counselors want to help accomplish just that!

Middle School Counselor
Michelle Rankin

High School Counselor
Amy Thornton
Hartfield Academy is fully accredited by both the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), the MidSouth Association of Independent Schools (MAIS), the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and the Southern Association of independent Schools (SAIS).