Undeniably Different: Every Student Fulfilling their God-given Purpose

Did you see our most recent feature in the August edition of Hometown Rankin? It discusses the 2023-2024 school year theme and why we believe it is important to know and understand what 'God-given purpose' means. It also features influential alumni and where they are today. Pick up your copy of Hometown Rankin or read our story below!

Textbooks have been packed away, new notes from students and graduates placed with care, and doors locked until the end of July when it’s time to begin preparing for the first day of school in August. The end of a school year at Hartfield Academy has many routines and as teachers walked out on the last day, something else could be seen that is becoming routine: backhoes and dirt mounds beginning work on a new project.  In 2012, as Hartfield opened its doors to students for the first time, the school year started the same way: painting, laying of foundation and insulation, and the exciting feeling around campus. The mission originally laid out by the founding board members hasn’t changed either, even as Hartfield grows by leaps and bounds.  

With a student population now over 1200, it’s sometimes difficult to believe that a school that started with a student body half that size could have the same close-knit community and continue to pour into students and families in the same personal way that it always has, but that is exactly what appears to be happening and what makes Hartfield Academy “Undeniably Different.” Hartfield’s choice to intentionally walk with students and parents relationally, both in and outside of the classroom, has become a defining characteristic of the DNA of the school.  Add to that the Worldview emphasis weaved throughout every class offered and a mission to help students find their God-given purpose, there is a family-like atmosphere that is palpable when you step onto campus.  

“Throughout our time at Hartfield, we were not only taught, we were encouraged. One thing this school does well is come alongside their students to help them succeed,” says Sarah Sunday Holmes, 2023 Graduate and Hartfield Hall of Fame recipient, while welcoming everyone to the 2023 Graduation Ceremony. “The teachers and staff truly care about our well-being and spiritual life and it is evident. God has shown his love and grace through the consistent love and support we have been given and we owe so much to each of you…Coming here in the middle of not only a school year, but a pandemic, made moving hard. But Hartfield welcomed me with open arms! The intentionality of this school shone brightly as I settled into my place here.” 

New buildings, up-to-date curriculum, and a growing, engaged teacher population are all common elements you will see in thriving and healthy schools, but what makes Hartfield Academy so unique is the unified mission of faculty and staff to live out their lives in worship to their Savior and daily seeking to see each student do the same.  From Kindergarten Teachers to Administration, all are committed to shepherding students as they learn to live in their God-given purpose. Step on campus and you will see it everywhere you look.  Classes taught with a goal of excellence in craft through a Biblical perspective, conversations in the hallway between faculty and students centered around how the Lord’s faithfulness speaks into their life circumstances, 4 international and domestic spring break student mission trips, multiple community outreach days and campus events, games & performances all focused on glorifying the Lord through the gifts that He has given each person are outpourings of a mutual goal to see each student filter their lives through the lens of Biblical truth and love. 

Physical growth and expansion is nothing new to Hartfield Academy and just as the school officially opened in 2012 and an entirely new High School building was constructed in 2018, there is an excitement that runs through campus as Hartfield continues to grow. At the start of the 2024-2025 school year, Hartfield will begin the first day of school with a new Junior High Building, updated athletic facilities, an expanded parking lot, as well as new updates around campus. While new parking lots and buildings are undeniable blessings, the urgency and energy that can be felt have more to do with the calling each person has to continue helping in the work the Lord has given each member of the staff: having a hand in the Lord’s building and growing of the next generation of Christ-followers. 
Hartfield Academy is fully accredited by both the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), the MidSouth Association of Independent Schools (MAIS), the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and the Southern Association of independent Schools (SAIS).