Hartfield Family Christmas: The Best Night of the Year!

In a celebration that brought together the entire Hartfield community, the annual Hartfield Family Christmas on December 8, 2023, proved to be a night filled with reminders of Jesus, delightful treats, and the true spirit of togetherness.
Hartfield Family Christmas has become a cherished tradition for Hartfield families, to start off the holiday season. 

Candy Cane Lane transformed the courtyard into a hub of creativity, the outdoor classroom was full of praise, the smores packs and Sweet Shoppe filled bellies full, and there was lots of love that filled our hearts. 

What made the night truly special was the sense of unity and belonging that permeated the event. As families gathered together, Jesus was the center of it all. The event served as a reminder of the importance of Christmas and cherishing the bonds that make the Hartfield community unique.

Several staff members shared their enthusiasm for the event, with comments like "This is exactly what a Hallmark movie would feel like!" echoing the sentiment of a perfect Christmas celebration. Others jokingly suggested making Hartfield Family Christmas a nightly occurrence, attesting to the overwhelming joy and positive vibes that filled the air.

Above all, the night was a celebration of the true meaning of Christmas. As we ended the night singing Christmas carols, the message of Jesus, the greatest story of all time, resonated throughout the evening. Hartfield Family Christmas succeeded in bringing our community together for a night of joy, laughter, and love, setting the perfect tone for the holiday season ahead.
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