Preschool Students Enjoy Donuts with their Favorite Dude!

The East Campus cafeteria was filled with laughter, hugs, sugar, and some really sweet memories. Our preschoolers were so excited to let their special guests enjoy breakfast and a surprise craft in each of their classrooms.
Our preschools invited dads, uncles, grandfathers, or friends to join them for donuts two mornings in November. Our East Campus administration worked hard to decorate and turn our cafeteria into a sweet treat wonderland to enjoy with their favorite dude.

With busy weekday mornings filled with work and school, it is easy to sometimes forget to take a step back and enjoy the slow, simple mornings with the ones we love most. With donuts and dudes, we wanted our men to have the opportunity to enjoy a simple, sweet morning with their preschoolers! The kids were overjoyed to show their favorite dude around their classrooms and spend some quality time with them.

It was a joy to see the students' faces light up as they showed their dude around a place they love - Hartfield. It was also a fun opportunity to fellowship with old and new friends. Thank you, gentlemen, for sharing a morning with us!

We donut want you to grow up, kiddos!
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