Building Gingerbread Houses is a Tradition for Hartfield 2nd Graders!

Who doesn't like making a gingerbread house for the holidays? It's a tradition, right? It is for Hartfield second graders!
Each year, our second-grade classes put their creativity to the test to decorate the most perfect gingerbread house. They start with orange juice cartons and the rest is history! There’s the icing, the candy, the graham crackers, and more - as each child sees their materials the creativity comes to life.

Some build log cabins out of pretzels sticks, some have marshmallow snowmen in the yard, one even had an archway of ‘lights’ made out of twizzlers! But the most fun is seeing our student’s individual creativity through the decoration of their ‘house’. Classmates are encouraging and cheering each other on the whole way.

When gingerbread houses are made in the classroom that can only mean one thing, Christmas is here!!
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