East Campus Celebrates 100 Days of School!

There is nothing more precious than watching our little Hawks doing stuff like walking down the school hall, dressed in elderly person clothing, bending over and walking slowly with a cane, and talking in a deeper voice while depicting what they think is ‘old’ people, as they giggle all the way.
On January 23, 2024, Hartfield celebrated our 100th day of school! K3-K5 students dressed in their best 100-year-old attire and we think they were the cutest older people we've ever seen!
The 100th Day Of School is always a highlight of our year! This day is a milestone for us because it marks 100 days of learning and laughing! In the classrooms, students celebrated the entire day with nonstop 100th-day-of-school activities! That means lots of learning, dressing up, eating, and laughing!

The kids had such a fun time telling teachers all the ways they were "100 days wiser" while enjoying photo ops with crafts and decor throughout the campus. Kids laughed, and teachers were considered "cool" for participating in the fun! For children, especially young children, reaching the milestone of 100 days of school is a big deal. The teachers discuss all of the learning they have done, and the learning yet to come. They discuss the students' favorite parts of school so far and what they are looking forward to. It is always a joy to re-visit our hopes and dreams from the beginning of the year and see how we are on our way to meeting those goals.
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