Hartfield Middle School Delights Audiences with Sold-Out Performances of "Frozen Junior"

Hartfield Middle School students recently captivated audiences with their second-ever middle school musical production, "Frozen Junior." Bringing the beloved characters of Elsa, Anna, and the enchanting world of Arendelle to life onstage, the show was met with success, with both days of performances selling out to eager audiences.
"Frozen Junior" transports audiences to the whimsical realm of Arendelle, where the bond between sisters Elsa and Anna is tested and ultimately strengthened through love and perseverance. Featuring all of the iconic songs from the animated film, including the beloved anthem "Let It Go," the musical adaptation thrilled audiences of all ages.

"It's been almost ten years since the classic Disney film 'Frozen' was released in theaters. A whole generation grew up with the movie and the musical," said one parent, highlighting the beloved story. Indeed, for many, the opportunity to see their favorite characters come to life onstage was a dream come true.

What made this production even more special was the involvement of Hartfield students, many of whom grew up watching "Frozen" and now had the chance to embody the characters they once watched. Close to 50 students participated in the production, bringing their talent to the stage.

Under the guidance of Megan Smith and Blakeney Hatcliff, the students of Hartfield Middle School poured their hearts and souls into rehearsals, perfecting their performances and bringing the magic of "Frozen" to life. From costumes to stunning set designs, every aspect of the production was crafted to transport audiences to the enchanting world of Arendelle.
With the memories of this unforgettable performance still fresh in students’ minds, students and audiences alike eagerly await the next musical performance!
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