Zach Nopper: A Giving Spirit Through Landscaping Business

Zach Nopper, a junior at Hartfield Academy, isn't your typical student. While most of our students are involved with extracurricular activities, Zach has been busy cultivating his passion for landscaping into a successful business venture.
At just 17 years old, Zach has already made a name for himself in the local community with his landscaping business. What started as a way to share his love for transforming outdoor spaces has blossomed into a thriving enterprise. "I started my business because I loved seeing other people happy with the work I did," Zach explains. "Making before and after posts is my favorite thing to do. Showing a customer the finished product in their yard is always amazing because they are truly impressed at the work that has been completed."

Zach's dedication to his craft has not gone unnoticed. He occasionally volunteers his time to assist Hartfield's Baseball Head Coach, Justin Smith, in preparing the field for the season. This demonstrates Zach's commitment not only to his business but also to his school.

Reflecting on his journey, Zach credits Bran Boyd, a former Hartfield student, for teaching him valuable skills. "Bran allowed me to work a few times for him, and during that time, he taught me how to edge yards properly and the key parts to be successful in my business," Zach acknowledges.

When asked about his plans for the future, Zach has ambition. Despite his young age, he has clear aspirations to expand his business and pursue further education. "I plan to go to Hinds for two years to get a business degree, have a lawn care crew, and a landscaping crew. My goal is to run the landscape design and make outdoor living spaces for customers," Zach shares. "With my business degree, I hope to open one of my own supplies/plant nurseries one day."

Zach's entrepreneurial spirit and determination serve as an inspiration. As he continues to nurture his talents and pursue his dreams, there's no doubt that Zach Nopper's landscaping business will continue to flourish, one yard at a time.
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